Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Six: Portland, Maine to Boston, Mass

Mile 541.8 - Bye, bye, Portland, Maine! We'll miss you. Except we're lost, so we're still here!

Mile 542.9 - Found. Okseeya!

Mile 544.3 - We might be a little tired. Ugh.
Mile 549.6 - More people pulled over in Maine. Hi, everyone slow down!

Mile 574.8 - 70 Miles to Boston!

Mile 586.6 - Jeff throws gum out the window. Or, more accurately, back into the car again. Jon: "Idiot."

Mile 593.1 - Hi, we're back in New Hampshire! Live Free or Die! Again! Jeff is definitely considering the second option.

Mile 596.6 - More Police activity--this time a car is being searched!

Mile 600.6 - We pass the 101 freeway, just like in LA!
Mile 608.5 - Jeff thinks that New Hampshire looks a lot like Maine.

Mile 614.8 - Gas Break in Epping! Where's the Jippy Loo?

Mile 623.1 - Candia! Jon shouts: "It's Canada with a little bit of I in it!" Jeff takes Jon's coffee away.
Mile 626.2 - Bumper Sticker: "Eat Bertha's Mussels." HOT!

Mile 639.1 - Jon wonders why everything is a toll road. Apparently, Jon's got a lot of money, but he can't afford a freeway.

Mile 642.2 - New Hampshire: Common Sense for all. Maybe they should export it to LA.

Mile 651.4 - In Concord, looking for Katya's Chocolate Brown Bungalow!

Mile 652.0 - We found Katya!!

Mile 652.7 - Back on the 93!

Mile 656.0 - Screw you, opposite direction!

Mile 664.4 - New Hampshire = Pretty

Mile 666.9 - Jeff fears the massive spiderwebs he sees in the trees:
...and Jon has to explain to Jeff what Tent Caterpillars are. Jeff is still terrified.

Mile 670.1 - AHHH! No Road Lines!

Mile 670.5 - OK, they're back.

Mile 670.7 - Jon: "We're taking the high road!" Jeff glares. Jon: "What? It's an inch higher than the lane next to us!"

Mile 673.5 - 49 Miles to Boston!

Mile 673.8 - It's gettin cloudy!

Mile 691.3
- Mass Welcomes us!

Mile 700.0 - AHHHHHHH!

Mile 709.4 - 11 miles to Boston!

Mile 710.5 - New Black Bear exhibit at the Zoo! AHHHH!
Mile 713.4 - Hi, we can see Boston!
Mile 717.9 - We're dropping off the car in Boston!

Mile 721.0
- Oh God, so lost. And we need gas before we return the stupidcar.

Mile 724.8
- Found Gas.

Mile 726.6
- Jeff & Jon drop the car off, happy to be rid of it. Too tired to function. Must die. They opt for a cab to Mollie's place where they will be staying, thus the Miley Cyrus notebook retires once and for all! Good. Day.

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JR said...

Mile 639.1 - Jon wonders why everything is a toll road. Apparently, Jon's got a lot of money, but he can't afford a freeway.

Miley Cyrus Spiral Notebook...you are now in Comedy Jail. FOREVER.